Ambient Loops


ARTIST Massimo Amato

LABEL New Interplanetary Melodies (NIM001-CD)


GENRE Ambient, Modern Classical


Simona Faraone’s spaceship, New Interplanetary Melodies, continues its cosmic mission across the most remote sound galaxies, this time landing on the planet of the sound sculptor Massimo Amato, born in Potenza but active in the Roman music scene since years. ​“Ambient Loops” gives us 7 tracks of minimalist ambient with a very high emotional rate.

​The album opens with the trilogy “Yesterday”, “Today”, “Tomorrow”, three tracks that make up a real sidereal journey within the sounds so dear to the artist: rarefied piano notes that rest on ethereal drones and sparkling percussions for a truly amazing ecstatic result .
In “One Month Later” the atmosphere is charged with dense mystery, also thanks to the sampling of natural sounds and tape delay, while in the more than 11 minutes of “Break of Dawn”, on the contrary, the piano and harmonic notes played by the artist become airy, almost celestial transporting us to remote places but full of light. The evocative, at times dreamlike atmosphere continues in “For Ada while she sleeps”, once again denoting the elegance of Massimo’s compositions.

“The Wise Man”, is the last stage, perhaps the most meditative one, a real musical journey, full of magic and suggestions, which will surely warm up the listener’s soul and body by attracting him to his magical world, delicate and precious.

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