Chiastic Slide


ARTIST Autechre



GENRE Abstract, IDM / Electronic


“Since their inception, Autechre have stretched the confines of conventional electronic music while adding their glitchy Midas touch. The duo of Rob Brown and Sean Booth have often been dubbed the pioneers of IDM, releasing albums comprising of incredibly enticing yet peculiar music. Their fourth LP, Chiastic Slide, shows them extending their sonic palette to craft a stellar yet dreary, uninviting beast of a record.
Often considered to be the black sheep in Autechre’s discography, the album sees them embark on a musical transition from their early techno and house style. Gone is the ambient warmth and charisma of Incunabula and Amber, as well as the rewarding diversity of Tri Repetae.

Chiastic Slide features a much darker and more glitchy aura than its predecessors, its sounds delving in mechanical debauchery and alien production. It cares little about what the listener wants, featuring trace elements of melody or amiability, which is oft submerged by the harsh, schizophrenic beat patterns. However, there is much to be lauded in the record’s enormous run of 70 minutes. It’s a punishing beauty, featuring industrial beats, rumbles, white noise, screeches and shimmering synths all interspersed into a sonic tapestry – The aural equivalent of being stuck on a cataclysmic mechanical world while on acid, watching everything disintegrate and explode into nothingness.”

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