Come On / Cloud



LABEL Mondo Groove (MGMS15)


GENRE Deep House, Electro, House


ALKEMY is a legendary Italo house producer from the Adriatic Riviera. Active since 1991 when his first 12″ was released, in the 1990s composed and produced several dozen tracks that are now cult favorites among young DJs and collectors of the genre. Now he returns to produce in the same style of the time two tracks that impressed two well-known Italian DJs, one of the old school and one of the new, who wanted to make their own versions. Dj Ralf, one of the most historical, notorious and active DJs in Italy, has remixed “Cloud” for his warm and intense Dj sets around Italy. In “Cloud Detox”, GNMR (Gianmaria Coccoluto) doesn’t approach as just a remixer; rather, he doesn’t distort or eliminate/replace the important parts of the track but transports and renews them in a new musical realm of his own. Where ethnic elements, live-played drums, and intentionally unquantized rhythms give birth to a unique body under the moon of Goa in India. Mysticisms, transcendental worlds, lengthy dances free from others’ judgment, and closer to supernatural contact make Detox a journey towards purification.

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