Data Surfer EP



LABEL Kuro Jam Recordings, New Interplanetary Melodies (NIMKuroJam03)


GENRE Electro


Shipping from April 4th
The successful creative disco-graphic synergy continues between Simona Faraone’s label, New Interplanetary Melodies (NIM), and the artistic collective Kuro Jam coordinated by Gianluca Pernafelli.
After creating the two V/A sound-tracks, Kimera Mendax EP (NIMKurojam 001) and Kimera Mendax Vol.2 (NimKurojam002), for this third release of Kuro Jam Recordings line, the team assigned to the Rome producer T/ERROR – already featured on the second volume of Kimera Mendax series with two tracks (KX2048 on vinyl and Rising Tide in the digital re-pack) – the music version of the new, eponymous comic strip. The DATA SURFER of the title is a special mixer: among its controllers, in addition to thosefor sounds, there is one that reads, mixes and recomposes space-time. What would happen if it ended up in the hands of a suburban hoodlum angry at the world and intoxicated by electronic music? The answer lies in an irregular and corrosive graphic journey that the graphic novel unravels in 6 chapters, in a symbiotic dialogue with the 6 vinyl tracks. In five temporal dimensions curated by five talented artists. In two cities – Rome and Berlin – criss-crossed by pain, youthful passions, torments, desire for redemption, delusions, desire for life. And by a single, unstoppable sound-narrative flow that will sweep through the protagonists’ lives and caress the readers’ hearts.
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