Dog Insight



LABEL Wandering Eye (WE06)

GENRE Ambient, Experimental, Leftfield

The enigmatic Ando Laj’s latest full-length excursion—9-tracks of heady sonic explorations that defy neat categorization, a plethora of textures & forms arranged with the producer’s signature attention to compositional minutiae. Dog Insight is a series of personal recordings in an inimitable sound world that once again sees the producer taking their esoteric style into new territories. Resolute, mechanized thump is brought to gradual equilibrium by weightless cascade on “Soj Alm”, while skeletal opening number “Aal Tn” rattles into chrysalis, unravelling itself out of murky depths over its duration. A shrouded collection of slow-to-evolve melodic & rhythmic feedback loops, plucked from a haze of nostalgic familiarity—sound sources of indeterminable origin, sequenced & processed to mystical effect. Another intriguing & devotional experience from the Toronto artist.

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