Face á l’incertitude


ARTIST Nostalgie Éternelle

LABEL Raw Culture (RWCLTR018)


GENRE Experimental, Post-punk, Synth Wave

MEDIA FORMAT 12", EP, Limited Edition

Nostalgie Éternelle might sound like a new name on our shameless label but in fact they are 2/3 of Sauerstofff and with Face á l’incertitude EP they keep us in balance between the 1987’s atmosphere of Leer and those of the city of Hamburg in 2019 where Inox Kapell and Dieter Mauson have recorded part of the record. A style lesson that we welcome with great pleasure by two artists with 35 years of friendship and militancy in the post-punk scene in Europe. An EP that ranges between the dementia no wave of “Human Biodiversity”, the synthetic minimalism of “Die ganze Wut”, the atmospheric romance of “Under Water Dream”; between the dub sonorities of “Raumseelen” and the new wavish of “Wo es weiter geht” and “Thank You!”.
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