Felt Cute



LABEL Kalahari Oyster Cult (OYSTER48)


GENRE House, Progressive House, Techno


Having emerged from the chrysalis for a debut record on Roza Terenzi’s Step Ball Chain label, we induct Benoit B’s fledgling side project into the Oyster Cult.

Blush represents a departure from the esoteric climes Benoit’s known for under the primary alias, not to mention the curation of his label, Banlieue Records. Eschewing notions of introspection, these are nocturnal, sultry club trax; immediate dancefloor pressure primed for the witching hour.

Benoit kicks it seductively on the opener. Complete with trace echoes of ‘90s bleep, the French producer strikes a balance between insistent groove and a dank sexiness that would leave anyone weak at the knees. Then, laced with the same steamy romanticism, ‘Sassy’ keeps pace with another slice of late nite propulsion.

Nudging closer to the big room with driving, direct torque, ‘Main Stage’ is perhaps the most pumping we’ve heard from Benoit to date. But where that one falls somewhere between prog house and hard trance, ‘Trippy’ and ‘Over Inflated’ head even further into the shadowy nether-realm on a tunnelling, lysergic flex that hangs heavy in the air like incense.

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