From The Basement


ARTIST Dead Bandit

LABEL Quindi Records (QUI003)


GENRE Experimental, Post-rock, Psychedelic


Quindi Records continues to yield intriguing prospects as we reach the third edition, moving from Woo’s astral ruminations via Cabaret Du Ciel’s sonorous meditations on to the dusty, dusky mantras of Dead Bandit. ​From The Basement r​eaches to the earth for the malleable grit of post-rock while making the most of the broader sonic outlooks afforded by kosmische and electronic effects processes.
Dead Bandit are Chicagoan songwriter Ellis Swan and Canadian multi-instrumentalist James Schimpl. Swan has previously released solo works including the stunning, inward-looking album ​I’ll Be Around​, a lo-fi Southern gothic dragging the husk of country ballads through battered signal chains. In Dead Bandit, Swan and Schimpl’s artistic vision casts its gaze outwards on a vast expanse, where the distortion has space to stretch its legs and the drums pound out into open space. There’s a common tonality at work here, the duos guitars telling a thousand hard-bitten tales where Swan’s voice falls silent. It’s no surprise to learn Swan and Schimpl’s reference points include Neil Young’s Dead Man soundtrack, SF noise rockers Chrome and the imperial work of the late, great Mark Sandman of Morphine.
Like the previous releases, this record is inherently experimental in nature, but not at the expense of its warmth and instant appeal. 



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