Hyla EP

ARTIST Jon Jones

LABEL Dream Software (DSOFT001)


GENRE Ambient, Trance


Jon Jones is first to contribute to the DS global frequency database, with a blissed-out 3-track EP, ‘Hyla’. In this program, we are situated in an open-world environment with a densely populated 3D rainforest installed. Here we will explore the realms of cybernetics and it’s correlations between ourselves and the natural world.

Now available to experience throughout our EtherNet™ system.

Program A is a transcendent journey, dosed with a utopian vision. Organic progressive breaks and a mycelial 303 acid line, infused with euphoric beauty, all maintaining the organic touch that really defines Luke’s music. ‘Gateway’ is best defined as a simulation of ascending the stairs to the higher plane.

Program B1 ‘Nor Heaven, Nor Hell’ is a deep, swirling cosmic trip. An echoed inward spiral driven by an earthy groove and beautifully weaved percussion, all lifted with blissful pads. This program is optimised for forest use.

Program B2 is a soundtrack to your personal interpretation of paradise. Tune in your frequency and imagine. Thoughts of luscious glades with water reflecting the sun at it’s highest, drifting weightlessly above a natural utopia.

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