ARTIST Claudia Attimonelli, Giacomo Guidi, Wolfgang Voigt

LABEL NFC Edizioni arte (978886723837)



MEDIA FORMAT 20x26 cm, 96 pagine

Kompakt was founded in Cologne, Germany, on the 1th of March 1993 as a small Independ Record Store, by 5 music-enthuastic friends. (Jörg Burger / Musicproducer. Michael Mayer / DJ/Musicproducer. Jürgen Paape / Musicproducer. Reinhard Voigt / Musicproducer and Wolfgang Voigt / Musicproducer and Artist). Since their early days Kompakt creates numerous styles of Electronic Music, between Techno, Ambient and Experimental Art Music.

Most of all their pop-influenced style of Minimal-Techno got worlwide successful as “The Sound Of Cologne”. Along with that, Kompakt is wellknown for it’s outstanding visual production. Specially cofounder Wolfgang Voigt, who brings in his influence as visual artist, stands for the distinctive and remarkable look of the label. Apart from countless individual coverdesigns and artworks, he created the so called “Kompakt Dots” as well as the “Kompakt Eagle”, the Coat of Arms of the City of Cologne, as main trademark and logo of Kompakt. The Book “Kompakt – 1993 2023 – The visual side of music” features the visual side of music as well as the free-minded philosphy of creating and living Music, Art and Life under one Factory roof, in the house of Kompakt. Apart from an extensive selection of artworks and coverdesigns, which have been created for the label by numerous different artists, the book shows the outstanding artwork for the Pop Ambient Compilation Series created by Veronika Unland, as well as the interdisciplinary, artistic practice between art and music, of Wolfgang Voigt.

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