Lengua Universale (mini-LP)


ARTIST Houschyar

LABEL Spati Records (Spati001)


GENRE Cosmic, Downtempo, Tribal, Wave


‘Lengua Universale’ is an attempt to transcribe the olfactory experience of walking down the busy, dark and narrow streets of Taksim in the night hours. A complex amalgam of dense, steamy aromas of soups and fresh mussels, of the rain on a hot summer evening, of the first logs of wood that have been thrown in the neighborhood’s fireplaces. The construction of the entire EP contrasts with Houschyar’s usual workflow. Instead of a a compressed expression extending over a small period of time, this selection of songs has been recorded over the span of 2 years (2018-2020).

While all pieces have been imagined, composed and recorded in the studio in Houschyars living room in Tarlabasi, Istanbul, they reflect different moments and chapters, evoking situations from heated discussions on the dancefloor to lovesick daydreams on rainy Sunday afternoons. The title track ‘Universal Language’ is a ride through the green rainforest at night, with many different creatures appearing in the dark, an ode to the artist’s love for language and culture, and a reminder that means of universal communication do exist. ‘Umrumda Degil’ is a love song recorded in 2019. It is about the feeling of being afraid of losing something precious, all the while running towards it.

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