ARTIST Autechre



GENRE Abstract, IDM / Electronic


“LP5, like all of Autechre’s material, is something that civilly requests your attention as opposed to demanding it. As such, you can look at it on a superficial level and still be gobsmacked by the scrupulous rhythms and spotless sound engineering, but at the same time will be doing the album a disservice. The album’s allure is in the details, both in terms of the textural facets and the development of ideas through each track. It doesn’t sound like musicians attempting to express themselves via their equipment, but an elegant duet of man and machine, locked together in some sort of bio-mechanical harmony.

Although the tracks are all driven by concrete rhythms, such is the eccentric nature of some of the arrangements that beats can take minutes to properly flesh out. Songs such a “Vose In” initially appear quite straightforward – by Autechre’s standards, at least – before steadily dissembling into nebulous chaos in a way that needs to be heard to be believed. In addition to the rhythmic mayhem, LP5 is littered with blips, bloops, tweaks, clangs and other nuances that are simply beyond any kind of onomatopoeia. The tracks are constantly developing, at times appearing to collapse under their own weight before reassembling by divinely guided chance.

Some are more direct, such as the opening pair “Acroyear2” and “777”, which are both frenetic assaults on your senses. “Rae” and “Corc” bring the overall intensity down a notch and add subtle synth lines which create a mosaic of shattered ambience. “Fold4, Wrap5” and “Drane2” bring the warmth that the album largely forgoes, while “Under BOAC” and “Arch Carrier” are almost alien in terms of aesthetics, creating an unsettling mood despite being two of the more conservative cuts, compositionally speaking. Indeed, every listen of LP5, whether you’re uninitiated or well-versed in the album and Autechre as a whole, will reveal something new. This is an indispensable chapter in their story, and a must have for anyone who considers themselves a fan of music both intricate and abstract.”

Specs 2 x LP in die cut card inner sleeves, in wide spine outer sleeve with thumb cut and embossed cover, postcard sticker insert, download card insert

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