Lucky Life


ARTIST Lazy Snail

LABEL Flexi Cuts (Flex015)


GENRE Ambient, Electro, House, Techno


lexi Cuts is pleased to introduce Lazy Snail’s new EP, Lucky Life. A truly valuable work, the result of time and research, where Alessandro (aka Lazy Snail) wanted to explore different sides of electronic music of an inner and mature nature at the same time. Lucky Life is like going up to the attic and finding something precious to take care of; it sums up a long musical journey, from the past to the present, in five tracks full of meaning.
The first track, Remèrcier, is a tribute to ‘dance’ music, an intense talk over a hypnotic moog bass. This is followed by Vagrants, dedicated to his hometown (Cudgnola), where we find an 808 rhythmic patterns as involving and beating as a walk in the rain. The B-side opens with One Place, which features a vocal stunning collaboration with Flicker Fox, who brings the track into a techno universe with percussion and intimate echoes.
Climbin’ High was inspired by Alessandro’s passion and admiration for the mountains. He composed it imagining an extreme climb, and immediately afterwards an equally dangerous but necessary descent. Just like in reality. The record ends with No Evil, an ambient-flavoured gem that opens on the climax in a riot of expert snares and synths.
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