Mantis 10


ARTIST Konduku

LABEL Delsin (DSR/MTS10)


GENRE Downtempo, Dub, Techno


Konduku returns to the Delsin Mantis series with an exciting double pack (Mantis 09 + 10) which dives deeper into his remarkable fractured rhythms and light-touch synthesis. Over the course of nine tracks Ruben Uvez straddles the space between introspective headphone trips and hypnotising dancefloor elegance, operating in a liminal zone of fluid tempos, submerged atmospheres and pointillist beats. It’s an open-ended but clear-sighted approach that aligns perfectly with the direction of the Mantis series. Mantis 10 opens up with the circular electronica of ‘Trail’, masking the start and end points of the groove with the kind of polymetric construction Uvez has made his name with. The pattern continues through the displaced, dubby experimentation of ‘Lust’ before the more sharply defined transcendental tone of ‘Lavender’ cuts through the fog. ‘Dalgin’ rides its pattering percussion on a minimalist D&B growl, setting the scene for the dislocated, avant-darkside closer ‘Helles’.

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