ARTIST Tagliabue

LABEL Dubblack (DBB002)


GENRE Techno, Trance, Tribal


Buckle up for Dubblack002, this time courtesy of Italian rising star TAGLIABUE. The Milanese DJ & producer is a an ideal ambassador of the label’s ethos, with his deep and mysterious electronic attitude. The opening track ‘Odissea’ lays the groundwork for the record to rise, with a cryptic intro which breaks out in a progressive detonation, referring to a late 90s/early00s sound but interpreting the scenario with a modern, actual twist.

‘Baraka Trance’ keeps the standard high and, as the title suggests, offers the artist’s POV on the Trance matter with a high-tempo, neatly arranged beat and a slightly acid bass-line, both creating a constantly evolving eight minutes-long acoustic journey.  ‘A Oltranza’ slows the pulse but doesn’t decrease the pressure with captivating rhythmics perfectly blended with an avant-garde harmonic section; a complex but never baroque arrangement that constantly holds the listener on the rope.  Three tracks with unique features, presenting a vast array of musical influences all merging to produce a cohesive, new and unheard record. Music written and composed by Tagliabue, project curated by GNMR. 


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