Reflex II


ARTIST Audio Reflex

LABEL Telomere Plastic (TELOMERE016)


GENRE New School, Techno, Trance


Audio Reflex returns with the ‘Reflex II’ EP!
Starting off the A side we have Padding out, a hypnotic, arpeggiated groover with a deep and long bass line carrying the tune from start to finish. We then have a smooth entrance into A2, a timeless Lullaby that will captivate the air frequencies until the end of time. A trance arpeggiated sequence flying throughout the track which finally connects with a massive bass guitar bass line that brings the funk and groove in a way that will bring all the hairs on your body to a code red, goosebump state. Its a mystery how this will work on the dance floors, but something to look forward to.
The B side then starts off with another deep and trance groover leading right into the hypnotic Fungusamongus. This track will bring you on a spiritual journey leading you to look deep inside yourself and connect some of the dots you never knew existed..
Limited copies as always so be quick!

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