Ruckus in Lo-Fi Revisited


ARTIST Blindboy

LABEL Archeo Recordings (AR009)

GENRE Balearic, Downtempo

This Mini-LP is taken from the rare and so nice 1999 ‘Ruckus In Lo-Fi’ LP. A singular Instrumental / Hip Hop and Cut-up/DJ album, with 2 hidden strong Balearic tracks inside. One is the now so famous and in demand I Dream gem, a headtrip beauty based on the Pink Floyd groove, with its 1999 Original Version + a killer ‘Wolves Of Asha’ Balearic Remix from our man Joe Morris.

Originally released in 1999, the cultish reputation of the mysterious Blindboy’s sole offering to the world has attained it a high second hand value, and so Archeo has done the right thing and actioned a reissue. Ruckus In Lo-Fi is steeped in Balearic guitar tones, downbeat hip hop cuts and forays into sumptuous jazz funk. There’s also a remix from Joe Morris, who fashions a brooding, epic remix of I Dream loaded with simmering tension without losing the funky warmth of the original.

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