Shir Khan Presents Black Jukebox 32


ARTIST Stefano Ritteri

LABEL Exploited (BJ32)


GENRE Disco, Funk / Soul / Boogie


Italian master, London based Stefano Ritteri takes centre stage for the latest edition of Shir Khan presents Black Jukebox — number 32 in this illustrious series. This one is a chiefly electro-flavoured affair, joining the dots between the genre’s past, present and future across four slick tracks — with a dash of garage at the end. ‘Slow Tripping’ is a homage to the charismatic boogie sound of the early ‘80s, resplendent with beautiful melancholic melody and a wistful air. As the name suggests, the lazy beat perfectly compliments the array of dreamy sounds, and there’s a definite nod to French disco/electro/hip-hop fusions of days gone by.

‘Donna’ is a collab with Mytron (Bordello A Parigi, Multi Culti)which continues the chuggy theme, its gently swaying synth arpeggios and unhurried beat recalling some of Soulwax’s more pared back material. Its simple arrangement is kept engrossing with synth automation and subtle atmospheric touches.‘Brutesque’ strips things back to an almost minimalist approach, where twanging, monotone sounds slowly morph over a taut backbeat and a variety of bleeps and blips. With its spoken word sounds and Krautrock-ish mixture of sounds, it recalls the work of Public Service Broadcasting. ‘Robot Love’ takes its cues from the sweeter side of 2-step garage, bubbled down to a more laconic pace. Cute melodic refrains and big reverbs adorn the stuttering rhythm to make for a colourful, atmospheric, reflective track.

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