The Summer of Endless Levitation


ARTIST M'lumbo

LABEL Hell Yeah Recordings (HYR7256)


GENRE Ambient, Balearic, Jazz, Psychedelic


Legendary New York band M’Lumbo distill experiences from their pre-pandemic Shamanic travels into their stunning new album The Summer Of Endless Levitation.The eight-track vinyl LP is an avant-garde take on folk music informed by painter and sculptor Jean Hans Arp’s ‘biomorphic’ works and it serves as a sonic renewal of self.

The cult M’Lumbo collective has been a legendary and groundbreaking act since first forming in the mid-80s. They cross genre boundaries as they draw on jazz, world, electronic, rock and experimental music that escapes the commercial world and take you into another realm entirely. There is no limit to their sound; each member brings their own cultural background to the mix, making the band all the more unique.

As the Coronavirus pandemic struck, three members of the band Rob Ray Flatow, Paul-Alexandre Meurens and Brian O’Neill undertook a regimen of Shamanic Traveling in New York City. The experiences led them to quickly and spontaneously compose and perform a suite of pieces. They were informed by a desire to create a kind of folk music inspired by their shared visions of Jean Hans Arp’s ‘biomorphic’ works, which are shapes that evoke natural lifeforms without referencing them, but also by the feelings of isolation and indefinite exile yet to come in their urban environment.
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