Uno EP


ARTIST Rico Herrera

LABEL Roots Underground Records (RU005V)



Roots Underground continues its travel deep down in the vaults of quality dance music, releasing UNO EP, the debut of hystorical Tuscan dj, producer & MC, Rico Herrera.
Known for his hip hop production for italian and american artists since the early ’90s, and for his participation with the turntables collective ” I Maniaci Dei Dischi”.
On this release he gifts us an unexpected “house” record, along the best tradition of music “made in Chicago/Detroit”.

The opener, Pojama (A1), starts things off with warm and soothing piano chords, interlaced with synth phrases and supported by a broken beat and a boogie bassline.
Datz Koreas (A2) has electric piano samples filtered, in a classic house manner, and played with the MPC. The B side has deep jazzy feelings with Ramsey’s House (B1), born from the collaboration of Rico with musicians @Brothermartino (Flute), Filippo Guerrieri (Electric Piano, Oberheim OB-8) and Paolo “Peewee” Durante (Electric Piano, Clavinet). The closing track is One for Ron (B2) a tribute track to the Chicago living legend Ron Trent, and Herrera with his MPC gives birth to a real dancefloor banger that every Prescription fan will love.

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