LABEL danza tribale (DNZT009)


GENRE Downtempo, Techno


Adiel’s Danza Tribale is set to unleash its ninth release by electronic duo Tamburi Neri with ‘Urlo’ the double EP features four original tracks in the first disc and second disc includes four remixes by Berlin techno staple and Berghain resident Marcel Dettmann. Tamburi Neri is comprised of Claudio Brioschi and Andrea Barbieri both from Milan, the two producers have previously released together on Optimo Music and Ivan Smagghe’s Les Disques De La Mort and a recent album on Worst Records, the latter in collaboration with Japanese vocalist Hiroko.

The concept of the EP comes from the desire to experiment with distinctive textures, pushing the boundary of what could be considered analog and percussive elements, creating a synergy between the two. The title track goes further with these experiments by layering droning arrangements, deep beats, combined with deconstructed spoken word samples.
In ‘Sognare’, the vocals are folded in on themselves and distorted, creating a centre, slowly and rhythmically building. Vocal samples give rise to new forms, rhythmic loops, finally climaxing with the driving, potent quality of the electronics.

The EP continues with ‘Hashiru’ featuring vocalist Hiroko, a spontaneous collaboration in the studio. ‘Hashiru’ means to run or to take flight in Japanese, perhaps a fitting metaphor for the work Tamburi Neri have created using beats and loops that pull the listener forward through the EP. Dettmann’s participation on these recordings comes natural from his professional relationship with label owner Adiel. Adiel is one of the most gifted young players currently rising in Italy and current resident of Rome’s Goa Club. Adiel and Dettmann have previously shown each other support over the years, with him inviting her to play at curated events such as Bad Manners showcases, special Berghain/Panorama Bar weekend or Draaimolen Festival. Therefore, he gives the quintessential Dettmann treatment to Tamburi Neri’s ‘Medina 84’ and three versions of ‘Urlo’ with a playful groove on “Built Up Mix”, a deep drive on “Mind Mix” and a melancholic atmosphere on ‘Street Mix”

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