Big City Takes


ARTIST Calm, Jimi Tenor

LABEL Hell Yeah Recordings (HYR 7254)


GENRE Ambient, Balearic, Cosmic, Downtempo


Musical legends from opposite ends of the world come together on Hell Yeah’s next EP, where Japanese genius and sonic innovator Calm, collaborates with Finnish muso Jimi Tenor on ‘Big City Takes’. Featuring two new singles with remixes from the much-celebrated Tapes and Belfast’s best-kept secret, The Vendetta Suite, plus a bonus cut. This most satisfying of EPs came together when the psychedelic space-jazz-funk king and noted musician, composer and producer Jimi Tenor was in tour in Japan. Label head Marco Gallerani arranged for him to head into Calm’s studio in Kawasaki, Tokyo, and that’s where magic happened.

‘Big City Takes’ is gloriously lush, with serene chords, delicate flutes, and organic percussion. Tenor’s airy vocal brings in the soul as an intimate and late-night groove emerges to melt your heart. Then comes two remixes from Tapes. The first is powered by dusty old-school drum breaks, doused in subtle euphoria with a nimble bassline down low, while the second is stripped back to a pulsing rhythm and killer phased bass, while stretched out chords bring sunrise feelings to the kaleidoscopic groove.

On the flip, Calm offers a version of ‘Time & Space’ that is eight minutes of exquisitely blissed-out downtempo. Chords ripple like waves, flutes flutter like birds and the whole thing is filled with the joys of a new spring day. The remix comes from The Vendetta Suite. This under- the- radar talent has collaborated with the great David Holmes and is a Hell Yeah regular. Defining his native Northern Irish scene with his fresh fusion of sounds, his version brings a new age ambiance to a post-rave Balearic comedown, dousing you in life-affirming synths as drums gently persuade you to sway along. Bonus track ‘Trans-Siberian Express’ is a flute-led and mystic bit of dubby jungle jazz that closes this magical EP in style.

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