From the Future EP


ARTIST Alton Miller

LABEL Roots Underground Records (RU008V)



Born in Chicago but raised in Detroit, The Living Legend Alton Miller joins Roots Underground for its eighth vinyl release in the usual stylish way that has always characterized his nearly 30-years long career. From the Future opens with Crossing on side A, an irresistible club tool of over 9 minutes with a “deep & techy” atmosphere and poisonous breaks that leads us on a warm and hypnotic trip. The B Side starts with The World needs Love: spiritual house music, ethereal keyboards, impending arpeggios and a vocal sample that adds a certain emotion to the track, for 8 minutes of pure Miller’s style. Brooklyn closes the B side with its rhythm full of latin percussions and sounds that reminds of the early NYC house music, giving it a modern twist without being too nostalgic. 

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