It Lasts Forever



LABEL Paraiso (PARAISO012)


GENRE Techno


Lisbon is undergoing a lot of changes but its substance can’t be stopped. Record label Paraiso reminds us of that with its 12th release by label co-founder Shcuro who strips things back to assert what truly remains however much time may pass. ‘It Lasts Forever’ is the producer’s ode to structural things in his inner life that will keep flowing on unchanged, be it the love for his wife; his reverence to techno – hence the use of classic drum machines like Roland’s 909, 808 and 707; to friendship and community – having one of his dearest mates Steffi take part via the remixer chair.

Dubbed-out, expertly sound-sculpted stabs punctuate ‘Together’ alongside a 808 boom bass, vocal cut-ups creating a versatile, instant classic vibration to open the EP. ‘U.N.I.’ takes us on a stroll to jacking rhythms in its fast-paced, tom-heavy fusion of rawer techno traditions and dub techno realness. ‘We Are Eternal’ delves deeper into sonic themes of bliss, gratefulness and hope, taking us on an emotional journey that feels smooth and intense at once. Utter legend of all things dance music Steffi picks up the opening track and adds propulsive percussion and further melodic elements to it, creating the perfect gem to close this record.

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