Kimera Mendax Vol 2



LABEL New Interplanetary Melodies (NIMKUROJAMREC 002)


GENRE Electro, OST

MEDIA FORMAT 2xLP, Coloured, Book

***Comes with a free copy of the Kimera Mendax Vol. 1 graphic novel.***

Kimera Mendax is the title of the debut graphic novel of the team Kuro Jam. The comic tells the story of a group of rebels who, from the underground of an esoteric Rome of the future (2048), struggle to neutralize the KX bio-operative system, a sort of invasive and all-encompassing social network, to which humanity is connected through robotic appendages. Vinyl records are the instrument of struggle for the “disconnected”: they try using music to awaken the natural human vibrations, atrophied by the massive use of technology. The final battle is a spectacular and liberating “sonic tsunami” in the heart of the Eternal City, a journey for the eyes… and the ears!

In continuity with the EP KM vol.1, eight Italian musicians with different sensibilities were involved with their interpretation and sound reinforcement of the story.
This time the tracklist is truly cinematic, spanning across the four sides of the two colored vinyl records – on the labels, we find the two alchemical principles of Salt and Sulfur, in addition to Mercury that was used for the label of the first EP – flowing in 8 acts without solution of continuity, enriched by a Prelude and 4 Interludes that draw on the noises, music, and voices of the city of Rome.

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