Le Piante Del Lago


ARTIST Manrico and Nicola

LABEL Archeo Recordings (AR022)


GENRE Balearic, Downtempo, Pop

MEDIA FORMAT LP, Hand-Numbered

Manrico & Nicola are comprised of Italian artist, singer, composer and author Manrico Mologni, together with saxophonist, composer and sound engineer Nicola Calgari. Manrico and Nicola were collaborating for some time in artistic harmony, and decided to form a duo to undertake their own album. Nine songs identified, arranged and recorded on a wave of enthusiasm – their “alchemy” gave excellent results. At the last stage of the work unfortunately, misfortune struck – Manrico fell very ill. For the respect of a unique creative moment, and for a sort of psychological “removal”, all of this was forgotten and never released, until recently. By chance, Manrico had an old cassette with a couple of those songs – the memories resurfaced and it was immediately a race to meet again. Going though many recording studios, Nicola found the DAT with the temporary mixes which had been waiting for years with their emotional content, thanks also to their friend Massimo Parretti.

The rest is news, and now a 1990 album – and piece of history – resurfaces as a limited-edition, hand-numbered LP, featuring two special new Balearic versions by Nicola’s son, Early Sounds Recordings artist Ed Longo.

Artwork by Filippo Sala, Milan, 1990.

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