Mental & Physical


ARTIST Jonnnah

LABEL Worst Records (WORST009)


GENRE Ambient, Downtempo, Experimental


What makes a being ? What tends to be, always, and yet remains never achieved ? Jonnnah puts on this set of imagination many parts, many pieces, many elements. In this ninth release on Worst Records, the Lyon based musician gathers all the impressions defining this nebula. « Mental & Physical » is a collection above all things. We talk about a collection of influences. Industrialized trip-hop, dubstep for concrete spaces, new-age-infused ambient daydreams, links are hazy but incarnate. A constant rotation, between extasy and uneasy meditation, shapes this mass of artefacts that seems almost involuntary as they dig so deep into instinctiveness. At the root of this first magmatic opus lies a years long work in progress, a sonic research, the attempt to make live this body of vapour which is the music in becoming. It’s a listening with no answer, but the pulse is vivid and vital.

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