Sync Execute



LABEL ACEW Studios (ACEW 010)

GENRE Electro

Electro label A.C.E.W celebrates its tenth release to date since its inception in 1999. Founded by Emilio Urbano, the Roman imprint comes with a very special collaboration between A Credible Eye Witness & his partner in crime Ghost Ride. Essential “Sync Execute” signs four tracks of pure no-non sense electro madness with the usual quality you could expect from the Italian squadra.

“Enjoy The Music” kicks things off with metallic hits over pounding beats, slithering woofers and crystal clear synth sounds to make your body move. Let’s figure this hypnotic song as a straight uppercut in your face, in particular when robotic lyrics start to chant the title track, and you will know how cash you will pay! Next is “Dark Science”. As quicking as the opening track, the cut offers crispy groove with a real impact over modular loops and analog swirls. Hot as Hell! On the flipside, prépare for a shaking and epic landing with “Mood Stabilizer”, a pure frenzy syncopated sequence made of ultra dancefloor yet melodic flights combined with thundering rumbles. From here, the record turns even more haunting and spooky thanks to spicy “New Heaven”. Metal pads spiral, lurching drums and unsettling noises offer on the last track a final in apotheosis, showcasing the fun both artists had while writing this piece of devastating Dresxcyain style electro. Ripped-up synths, crispy hits and punishing beats fused into gurgling arpeggios characterize this essential 12”.

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