V.A. – Ciao Italia Generazioni Underground (Volume Due)



LABEL Rebirth (REB127)


GENRE Deep House, House, Tribal



MEDIA: Near Mint (NM)

SLEEVE: Near Mint (NM)

The flattering feedback received both from the audience and the critics after releasing the first volume of “Ciao Italia” inevitably inspired us with the idea of a sequel. A new volume animated by the same spirit and attitude as the first one: not a nostalgic or commemorative operation, but a propulsive thrust for a possible evolution. In continuity with the first part of the project, “Ciao Italia – Volume 2” also wants to be a tribute to the artists who wrote this story. Much more than just a “scene” it can be described as a mental state, a lifestyle, marked by unifying electronic pulsations, exotic and dreamy, ecstatic and liberating.

Surfing between the past, present and future, “Ciao Italia. Generazioni Underground – Volume 2″ delves further into the origins of an era whose sounds and atmospheres remain an endless source of inspiration today. This time involving other seminal producers protagonists of that all-Italian golden age: from Cirillo, Kamasutra (Alex Neri and Marco Baroni), Savino Martinez & Claudio Coccoluto, Ivan Iacobucci, Riviera Traxx (Flavio Vecchi and Ricky Montanari), Tc 1992 (Roberto Intrallazzi and Marco Fratty, here in the remix version of the great Marco Trani) to Tony Carrasco (Exotica), Mauro Ferrucci and Christian Hornbostel (Nikita Warren), Pastaboys (Rame, Uovo & Dino Angioletti), Leo Rosi, Gianni Bini, Jonathan Tedesco (Beat Foundation), Fidelfatti, T.R.A., Oneiric & Vortex, Leo Young, Steve Mantovani, Daniele Mad & Dan E Mc, Corrado Rizza, Harley & Muscle. Additionally passing through unreleased songs by Joe Montana, Edward’s World (Edoardo Milani), E.v.o.e. (in a special version remixed by Leopardo), Angelino Albanese, Bruno Bolla and Paolo Guglielmino.

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